Special Bulbs

There are many types of special bulbs available for a variety of lighting needs, including:

Blacklight Bulbs: These bulbs emit ultraviolet (UV) light and are often used in nightclubs, theaters, and other entertainment venues for special effects.

Germicidal Bulbs: These bulbs emit short-wave ultraviolet radiation that is used to kill bacteria and other pathogens in water and air purification systems.

Plant Growth Bulbs: These bulbs emit light in the red and blue spectrum, which is optimal for plant growth, making them a popular choice for indoor gardening.

Marine Bulbs: These bulbs are designed specifically for use in marine and saltwater environments, where corrosion and humidity can be a concern.

Stage and Studio Bulbs: These bulbs are designed for use in theatrical and studio lighting applications, and come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit different fixtures.

Heat Lamps: These bulbs emit infrared radiation and are often used in food warming and animal husbandry applications.

Projection Bulbs: These bulbs are used in projectors for home theater and other video applications.

Traffic Signal Bulbs: These bulbs are specifically designed for use in traffic signals and are engineered for durability and reliability.

Overall, special bulbs are designed to meet specific lighting needs and requirements and are an important part of many lighting applications.

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